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Everton Fans See Red, Feel “Blue”

It was one of the most anticipated Merseyside Derbies in close to 30 years.  At least that’s what NBC Sports were telling me just a few moments before kickoff.  Much like an annoying little brother, the blue side of Liverpool had been yapping away excitedly in anticipation of this match.  Maybe that’s why the match… (read more)

The Madness of January

As God as my witness, I was really hoping to avoid writing about the January transfer window this year.  Sadly that just wasn’t possible.  It’s not analogous to me being an alcoholic on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras (which admittedly may have been a more accurate image about about 15 years ago), rather more like… (read more)

The Hypocrisy of Diving

One of the most popular arguments against soccer in the States is that the diving is a despicable stain on the sport.  Since the media has appointed Luis Suarez the official poster boy for flopping, Liverpool fans deal with this as much as anyone.  People act as though they are above watching such a spectacle… (read more)

Think Positive Thoughts

It wasn’t pretty, but the boys got the job done last Sunday with the 5-3 victory at the Britannia.  It’s true that they certainly have some issues on defense and it sure would be nice to see Mignolet get a clean sheet once in awhile.  There’s been a lot of negative feedback insisting that Liverpool… (read more)

“La Quenelle” and FA Bans

Heading into the New Year there’s a lot to discuss in terms of Liverpool’s ability to cling to a top four spot and the upcoming transfer window, but I first wanted to make a quick post about the latest controversy involving Nicolas Anelka’s offensive gesture and the likely forthcoming hypocrisy from the FA. In case… (read more)