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It’s Not Over

Well that certainly sucked.  I got a text from my friend this morning that simply read “I’m feeling as if someone beat my dog this morning.”  That’s a perfect analogy actually.  There is no question in my mind that the better team lost yesterday.   I don’t care what anyone says.  Call me a bitter Liverpool… (read more)

Just Win the Next One

The old adage goes that the days start getting longer in April.  While I know that they were referring to daylight, I’m learning that the same rule can be applied for football fans.  I’m not used to seeing my beloved Liverpool sitting at the top of the table in April, controlling its own destiny to… (read more)

It Can Wait

I did a stupid thing on Sunday.  That’s what many people have told me, and I can’t necessarily say that I disagree with them either.  Just last week I asked the tens of people that actually read this blog to sit back, enjoy the ride that Liverpool Football Club have taken us on and “Drink… (read more)