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Mama, Can He Come Home???

After a long Monday spent mostly in the office, I turned on the car to begin my commute home.  The satellite radio dial was set on channel 85, what they call SiriusXM FC for their 24-hour soccer channel.  Commentary was wrapping up on the Monday night match when it dawned on me that I completely… (read more)

Was It Really Good Business?

After taking a year hiatus to write my book “Walking Through the Storm” it finally feels good to be writing short opinion pieces on Liverpool Football Club.  The long-awaited month of September has finally arrived and the summer transfer window has been closed shut.  As we summarize the ins and outs of the club this… (read more)


I would be remised if I did not start this blog with a small recap of the LFC Raleigh’s adventures in England.  What a remarkable trip!  I highly encourage you to stop by the pub for an upcoming match and make it a point to ask Darren, Mike, Colin, Sean, or Dan about their tales… (read more)

The Madness of January

As God as my witness, I was really hoping to avoid writing about the January transfer window this year.  Sadly that just wasn’t possible.  It’s not analogous to me being an alcoholic on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras (which admittedly may have been a more accurate image about about 15 years ago), rather more like… (read more)

Think Positive Thoughts

It wasn’t pretty, but the boys got the job done last Sunday with the 5-3 victory at the Britannia.  It’s true that they certainly have some issues on defense and it sure would be nice to see Mignolet get a clean sheet once in awhile.  There’s been a lot of negative feedback insisting that Liverpool… (read more)