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Merry Christmas!!

For the first time since 1996, Liverpool sit atop of the table in the Barclay’s Premier League at Christmas.  Isn’t a great feeling?  I know that we are still two games away from the midpoint of the season, and those two games are on the road against two of the most expensive clubs in English history.  But still it’s an amazing feeling to be able to hold our heads up high this time of year with pride and be able to talk smack to our compadres and actually do so legitimately knowing we’ve got that “look at the standings” as the final say.  Enjoy it!  There is good reason to be optimistic if you are a true Liverpool fan.  Actually there is GREAT reason to be optimistic.  We’ve just re-signed the best striker in the league to a long-term deal, one who just seemingly decides to break records at will.  It’s as if Luis Suarez sits at home drinking a Corona (which I now know he buys at Costco) and researches the Internet to discover a new record to break in the next fixture.  If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, then look at the table and you’ll see the top five clubs separating themselves from the pack slightly, with Liverpool sitting at the top and (ahem) some club from Manchester struggling to get out of that mid-table mediocrity in 8th place.  After watching an extremely uninspired match at the Emirates today, I see no reason that we can’t waltz into Stamford Bridge next Sunday to take all three points.  And with the second-best striker in England (Sergio Aguero) and Zabaleta both out injured for Thursday, I wouldn’t rule out getting six more points before ringing in the new year.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


I want to offer a reminder to all LFC fans out there.  The rumor mill has already been in full operation, and my twitter feed continues to fill up with misinformation, disinformation, and “BREAKING NEWS” designed to get me to click on someone’s website to see what hot new talented young player is about to sign for Liverpool.  Make no mistake about it… it’s fun to speculate about how FSG and Rodgers will try to improve their roster.  But just because you read it on twitter (or Sulia, or the Echo, or the Mirror) doesn’t mean it’s even close to true.  It might be, but just consider the source.  Consider the motivation from the source.  And consider that 2013 has been a great year for Liverpool in the transfer market… picking up Coutinho, Sturridge, Sakho, and Mignolet.  Without these additions we are not sitting atop the ladder 17 games into the season.  I firmly believe that.  My point is simple.  Ian Ayre and FSG have earned the benefit of the doubt for me.  I’m starting to think that they know a little more than me about these matters.  Keep that in mind next time you are about to repost the latest transfer rumor on the LFC Raleigh Facebook page.


In summary, I want to thank everyone for their support of LFC Raleigh to date.  It’s been a fantastic year so far.  We’re top of the table at Christmas, and I see no reason we can’t be there when 2014 rings in later next week!  Have a Merry Christmas, and get out to the pub on Boxing Day!!!!!


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