LFC Raleigh

LFC Raleigh

Official Liverpool F.C. Supporter's Club


Welcome to the launch of the official website of LFC Raleigh.  We’ve certainly come a long way in just over a year, when Colin, Darren and I met in Boston.  It’s quite remarkable how word spread throughout the triangle to the point where just a short while ago we exceeded 100 members on the Facebook page.  The next step?  Status with LFC as an official supporter’s club.  We have the numbers and we have the passion.  I am confident that we will get there in 2014 with your help.  With that in mind, the creation of this website was a mere formality.  It had to get done.  I’ve had limited experience working with website creation for personal reasons, so that helped with the learning curve.  But in the end I hope it will all be worth it.


So as you navigate through our website, I remind you that it is a work-in-progress.  I hope to add a lot more functionality in the near future, including a possible forum page where members can log on and post comments much in the same fashion that is done on the Facebook page.  I’m still unsure about that yet, because I don’t necessarily want to duplicate effort for fans that want some feedback on legitimate LFC news.  If you have any specific feedback, feel free to email me at membership@lfcraleigh.com and let me know your thoughts.


Now that we have a website, twitter (@LFCRaleigh) and Facebook page, the next step towards our goal is to establish by-laws and a committee.  For now the five founding members of LFC Raleigh (myself, Colin Russell, Darren Bridger, Sean Dotzauer, and Dan Franklin) will make the interim organizational committee.  To be fair, I don’t know that there will be any decisions for the committee to make, but we have one.  I’ll come up with some by-laws from doing research on other clubs.  Don’t expect anything elaborate as I like to adhere to the KISS method (Keep it Simple, Stupid).  We’ll finalize all of these details at the first Annual General Meeting.  Want to attend that meeting?  The details are located on this website, so I urge you to search for it and mark your calendar.


In the meantime, stop by the London Bridge Pub for all upcoming matches as we try to continue our good form and compete for title #19.  Next match:  at Everton, Saturday November 23rd at 7:45 AM.  Hope to see you there!


“King Kenny” Kendra

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