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Official Statement from OLSC Raleigh

We all know that we are facing unprecedented times with the current Covid-19 pandemic.  This outbreak is affecting us all globally, and now more than ever our fellow Reds need our support.  The one thing that brought us together in the first place is our love for Liverpool Football Club.  As Klopp recently intimated in an interview, it’s the “most important of the least important things in life.” We are fortunate in the Raleigh-Durham area to have such a strong support structure with over 200 paid members to our club.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be minimally affected through this crisis.  Unfortunately many will not be so lucky.  In this email we are sharing information about ways you can help.  Last week we were having discussions with Oak City Arsenal, you know those other supporters wearing red kits that congregate at the London Bridge Pub with us on match day, about having a joint party to help bring business to our beloved footy home.  Unfortunately the escalation of this pandemic has prevented that from happening, so we did the next best thing with a joint gofundme page that raised over $2,300 for the pub staff that rely on our business!  Thank you to all that contributed!!  On a side note, the London Bridge Pub remains open for take-out business from 12-5, Monday thru Saturday.  Call ahead for your favorite dishes and supporting our friends.  We know that the Bridge won’t be the only local small business affected by this crisis, as many of our longstanding members have their own challenges that lay ahead.  Click here for a list of OLSC Raleigh friendly businesses that could use your support during these trying times.


Liverpool Football Club cares greatly about its global fan base.  Earlier this week I was on a conference call with LFC CEO Peter Moore and our OLSC liaison team with about 75 other clubs from across the globe.  Even though we are all at different stages of this pandemic, the message was clear.  LFC will not let their supporters walk alone through this crisis.  There are many exciting things being worked on back on Merseyside, even though their entire staff is on lockdown working remotely.  Locally, OLSC Raleigh intends to provide information and content on this website as a homepage for all Raleigh Reds so that we may continue to support each other throughout these challenging times.  We plan to host virtual happy hour parties from time-to-time using Zoom, hoping at some point to perhaps even have match viewing parties to toast our past glory.  Anything that we can do to help put a smile on each other’s faces.  Please stay up on our Events page on this site for details.  If anyone has any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Lastly I want to remember something I said earlier.  Football is the most important of the least important things in life.  We ask that you refrain from engaging in baited banter from rival supporters on social media.  We are better than that.  Take the high road.  This team we love is the greatest squad the Premier League has ever seen.  Bar none.  Champions of Europe; Champions of the World.  When all of this crap is behind us, we’re gonna win the league.  And then we can revel in the fact that we will also be Champions of England.  Finally.  Ignore the others that try to bait you.  To quote Dave Skylark in The Interview, “they hate us ’cause they ain’t us.” And when that day finally gets here, and it will, OLSC Raleigh is prepared to throw you all one hell of a celebration party.  However, until that day comes, we ask that everyone stay safe.  Please abide by all of the recommendations and mandates that authorities will be posting in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions or need anything, please let me know.  We’ll get through this together, because Raleigh Reds never walk alone.

Ken Kendra
OLSC Raleigh, President



Welcome to the home of LFC Raleigh, the 210th Official Liverpool Supporters Club (OLSC) to be achieve official status with Liverpool Football Club.  We are fans of the greatest football club in the world living in Raleigh, North Carolina and our mission is to show unwavering support to Liverpool Football Club through good times and bad.

Probably the best OLSC on the planet…


We meet at the London Bridge Pub for all matches.

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