LFC Raleigh

LFC Raleigh

Official Liverpool F.C. Supporter's Club


One of the benefits for being a member of OLSC Raleigh is the ability to access great tickets for regular season matches at Anfield.  Requests are split into the two halves of the season.  Typically all requests for home matches in the club’s first 19 matches of the season (usually occurring by January 1st) need to be made to Liverpool by the end of June.  All home matches in the second half of the season are made in October.  There is no commitment to buy the tickets when you place a request, however you will need to join OLSC Raleigh to do so.  If your membership is not current we will not accept your request.


You need to send your specific request for tickets to OLSC Raleigh within 24 hours of the deadline so that we have time to place our request.  Once we are notified of the request, you will be promptly informed of instructions to acquire the tickets.  Payment will be required about six weeks before the scheduled match.


If you go to Anfield, please make it a point to stop and see the OLSC Raleigh stone that is part of the renovated Main Stand project.  We are located in the Elisha Scott section #3.