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Tickets to Anfield


Many members join the OLSC for the primary benefit of getting access to home match tickets during the Premier League season.  Here is how that process works.

  1. Prior to the start of the season, the Premier League will announce the fixture list for the upcoming season. All OLSC’s will be allowed to request ticket allocation for all home fixtures.  Away fixtures as well as European and Cup fixtures are not available.  Specific dates and deadlines will relayed to paid members via email only.
  2. OLSC Raleigh will accept ticket requests from PAID CLUB MEMBERS ONLY up until the deadline date established by the club (stay tuned to this page and email when exact dates are known). Requesting tickets is NOT a guarantee of getting tickets.
  3. If you have flexibility as to the time of year that you want to travel to Liverpool, I suggest that you consider selecting one of the lesser popular clubs when making your request.  In other words, don’t expect to be getting tickets when requesting tickets for the Manchester City, Manchester United, or Everton matches.
  4. Each member will only be allowed to request tickets once per season.
  5. Liverpool Football Club allocates approximately 840 tickets for every home match to every global OLSC based on the incoming requests. There are over 300 OLSC branches globally competing for those tickets. LFC does a decent job spreading the wealth, and OLSC Raleigh has been successful with some requests in every window requested, but the success rate typically is at around 25%. We will inform each member whether or not tickets for their match were successful or not.
  6. When you make a request, you MUST select only one match as your choice. The club limits each OLSC to the number of tickets and matches that can be requested, and we have to make every effort to honor all ticket requests.
  7. If there are more ticket requests from our members than there are available options, the tickets will be allocated from a random draw.  If you have previously been awarded tickets through OLSC Raleigh while others that requested that same match have not, then you will not be entered in that draw. 
  8. If successful, each ticket holder must adhere to the strict requirements below:
    • Have current official LFC membership – not international.  Either full or light membership.
    • Live in the immediate geography of Raleigh, NC.  The club has become extremely strict on this requirement and this may result in your ticket not being allowed access to Anfield.  If you would like a friend or family member to attend that does not live in the Raleigh area, please contact the OLSC Raleigh team for assistance.
    • Be a paid member of OLSC Raleigh. Click here to join.
  9. By requesting tickets to an upcoming LFC match, you are committed to purchase if allocated. If successful, you will be asked to pay $50 per ticket to OLSC Raleigh in order to secure the tickets within two weeks of notification. This is important to note and shall be taken extremely seriously. Our failure to purchase awarded tickets will result in LFC limiting our access to future matches. This may adversely affect our success rate in future ticket allocations. So don’t be that person!!!
  10. Tickets are only transferrable to other OLSC Raleigh members that meet all of the eligibility requirements listed above. Tickets may not be resold to anyone outside of our club, and attempts to do so will result in a board vote for a potential lifetime ban of ticket requests through OLSC Raleigh.
  11. About six weeks prior to the specific match, OLSC Raleigh will be providing the club with the specific names of our members that will be attending the match. Ticket prices vary based on the opponent and seat location. $50 is the typical price, but you will be obligated to make up the difference once the actual tickets are purchased based on the exchange rate. If your tickets end up costing less than $50, OLSC Raleigh will refund the difference to you.
  12. Once the tickets have been assigned to an individual, they are no longer transferable.
  13. If you are successful with the ticket allocation process, and choose not to purchase for any reason, then you will not be allowed to request tickets through OLSC Raleigh for the rest of the current and following seasons. For example, if you decide not to purchase tickets in the summer 2022 ticket window portal, you will not be able to request tickets again until the 2024-25 season. Habitual offenders of this requirement will be subjected to a board vote on a potential lifetime ban of ticket requests through OLSC Raleigh.
  14. Ticket allocation requests for the first half of the season typically come quickly, within a few weeks after the fixture list has been announced.  For the second half of the season, the same process will occur sometime around October.
  15. After the two different ticket windows open and close, we can no longer get tickets for matches throughout the season.  You may still obtain tickets on your own, and OLSC Raleigh will help you with the best methods to do so.
  16. We will NOT be able to get tickets for any League Cup, FA Cup, or Champions League matches.
  17. If you have any specific questions, please review items 1-16 above. If still unanswered, then email us at lfcraleigh@hotmail.com