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LFC Raleigh

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Champions League Final 2019

Viewing Party for the Champions League Final will be at London Bridge Pub.

All tickets for this event are now SOLD OUT !!!  You guys rocks!!!

Important Information about Saturday

11:30 doors to the pub side open. VIP ONLY. No one without a ticket will be allowed in. VIP will be able to get seated and order drinks and from the main menu until 1PM. All ticket holders will be given a specifically colored ticket to correspond to their tab.

1PM General admission through the expansion side. Menu will be shortened to the following items until the end of the match:

Doner Kebabs (either lamb or chicken)
Double Burgers
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Chippy plates (2 sauces only)
Plate of crisps (2 sauces only)

Ok at 1PM we will allow up to 50 General Admission LFC Raleigh folks into the VIP section for the standing room areas (usual places, in front of the front door and over by the kegroom). We will completely close off the VIP section so those two bathrooms downstairs will be for VIP only. We want to limit the total in the pub side to 100. Once we reach that number, we will be closing the both doors from outside access.

For the expansion side, we would like to limit it to 100 folks as well. There will be general bustling back and forth between the outside patio and the expansion side. There will be more bathrooms accessible through the patio. The bus station has clean bathrooms and I would recommend to anyone, rather than standing in line to go outside the patio and to the bus station to use their facilities. There will be someone manning the patio door as well.

We would like to give priority seating to the LFC Raleigh folks on the expansion side but it will be a first come first serve basis after 1. We should have plenty of seating on both sides, plenty of table space.

We will have a beer cooler with a limited selection of liquors set up outside as well as the drop down screen and projector. They will of course have sound and plenty of seats. It is supposed to a bit milder than normal on Saturday which is nice. Folks with pets have to remain outside.

Any questions, feel free to ask. But don’t expect to get special treatment or favors.

Cheers, YNWA!

Probably the greatest OLSC in the world…