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Upcoming Events for 2021-22 season


Much like the rest of the country and North Carolina, OLSC Raleigh has decided it is time to restart the fun.  The London Bridge Pub remains open with a safe compliant atmosphere for all to enjoy.

 Opening Weekend Bash planned!

The 2021-22 season kicks off with Liverpool FC facing off against newly-promoted Norwich City on Saturday August 14th at 12:30 PM EST.  OLSC Raleigh would like to welcome back its members to enjoy a special party at London Bridge Pub to celebrate our return during this match.  There will be a special raffle to give away some fantastic prizes, including a signed Trent Alexander-Arnold jersey that was originally intended to be given away in the Premier League celebration party that was being planned just prior to lockdown.  Over the past two years, OLSC Raleigh has collected a number of great items to be used as prizes for our members, all of which remain secured in the OLSC Raleigh Prize Vault.  Many of these items will be given away in this raffle, which will be used to raise money for a local charity.  All paid members of OLSC Raleigh will be able to receive one free ticket with proof of membership.  Stay tuned for details which will be emailed to all paid OLSC Raleigh members.  Not yet a member?  Click here for details on how to join.

Match-of-the-Month Returns to Raleigh!

The 2021-22 season will also bring back the popular Match-of-the-Month for all members to enjoy.  For the first half of the season, we have tentatively planned on the following (all dates to be confirmed after kickoff times have been set by the TV networks):

August – Opening Weekend Bash (see above for details)

September – prize giveaway from the OLSC Raleigh Prize Vault

October – annual drive to raise money for Pints 4 Prostrates

November – prize giveaway from the OLSC Raleigh Prize Vault

December – annual OLSC Raleigh Holiday Bash

January– Annual General Meeting (AGM) for all paid members

February and beyond will be determined at a later date

This Means More Challenge

Last season OLSC Raleigh participated in the LFC Foundation’s This Means More Challenge through our efforts with the “Raleigh Reds Keep Raleigh Fed” campaign.  Details are found on our Community Outreach page.  We will be continuing these efforts to help those from our community at some stage during the season, regardless if the club sponsors another TMM Challenge.  Stay tuned to this page for details.

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