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2021-22 Full Memberships Now Available!

LFC Raleigh is the Official Liverpool Supporters Club (OLSC) based here in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.  Back in May 2014, we were privileged to be invited as the 210th official supporters club and we have continued to grow ever since. We are now offering full memberships for the 2021-22 season for $25!!! As a reminder, due to the pandemic and lockdown we’ve experienced since March 2020, all members that had paid for last season will be extended through to the end of the upcoming campaign.  There will be no need for you to renew!  However we know that many of our local Reds had yet to pay their dues last season, so if you would like to jump on the train for this upcoming season, we welcome you to do so!  Just follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

You may ask yourself why become a member?  Why wouldn’t you?!?!?

As always, the club will be issuing cool stuff for all paying members.  For now, the primary advantage of early membership is access to the club ticket process to request match tickets at Anfield for the first half of the upcoming season.  Here’s what comes included with membership:

  • Participation in monthly raffles at the pub during our Match-of-the-Month series
  • Discount on LFC Raleigh merchandise (available at London Bridge Pub) as available
  • Free exclusive Raleigh T-shirt, if available in your desired color scheme and size.  We will also be designing a new OLSC Raleigh scarf later this year and will make those available as an alternative to the T-shirt.  If you have already received your T-shirt from last season, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase a scarf once we have the details available.
  • Access to special events during pre-season tour activities (i.e. team training, player meet-and-greets, etc).  The club is returning to North America this summer, so there will surely be events that we will have access to.  Please stay tuned as details will be made available to you once official.
  • When available, access to the LFC ticketing portal for home Premier League matches (note that you also must carry official LFC membership – not international membership – to take advantage of this benefit
  • Free raffle ticket at the annual OLSC Raleigh Holiday Party, where we give away great prizes.  In the past members have walked home with signed jerseys from legends like Gerrard, Carragher, Lovren, and Alan Kennedy.  Other members received tickets to Anfield for a spring Premier League match.
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting


All official club event notifications will be made via email only.  For this reason, we are asking that all paid members ensure that they provide a valid email address when signing up for membership.  We will do our best to ensure that members have a valid email address in our database, but it is up to you as the member to ensure that we have it!!  I cannot stress this requirement enough.  I promise that there will come a time during the season where OLSC Raleigh has an opportunity to take advantage of something cool that only paid members will get access.  In order to ensure that only paid members get this advantage, we will only be providing specific details about these events via email.  There are simply too many “members” that don’t pay fees and join our club via social media that we simply can’t announce details via other means.  So please don’t ignore this requirement and come to us after a great event is announced and sold out and tell us that “you never heard about it.”  If you have paid for OLSC Raleigh membership, whether it be online or in cash while attending a match at the pub, please email us at lfcraleigh@hotmail.com with the details.  Once your membership payment is confirmed, we will ensure that your email address is added to our list.


Please note that access to matches for OLSC members remains closed due to partial capacity requirements.  
Until the grounds are back to full capacity, OLSC Raleigh will not be able to get access to match tickets.

Many members join the OLSC for the primary benefit of getting access to home match tickets during the Premier League season.  Here is how that process works.

  • Prior to the start of the season, the Premier League will announce the fixture list for the upcoming season
  • All OLSC’s will be allowed to request ticket allocation for all home fixtures.  Away fixtures as well as European and Cup fixtures are not available.  Specific dates and deadlines will relayed to paid members via email only.
  • OLSC Raleigh will accept ticket requests from PAID CLUB MEMBERS ONLY up until the deadline date established by the club (stay tuned to this page when exact dates are known). Requesting tickets is NOT a guarantee of getting tickets.
  • If you have flexibility as to the time of year that you want to travel to Liverpool, I suggest that you consider selecting one of the lesser popular clubs when making your request.  In other words, don’t expect to be getting tickets when requesting tickets for the Everton or Manchester United matches.
  • Each member will only be allowed to request tickets once per season.
  • The club will allocate approximately 840 tickets for every home match to every global OLSC based on the incoming requests.  We will inform each member that requested tickets whether or not tickets for their match were successful or not.
  • When you make a request, you MUST indicate a 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice of matches.
  • If there are more ticket requests from our members than there are available options, the tickets will be allocated from a random draw.  If you have previously been awarded tickets through OLSC Raleigh, or the match was not your 1st choice, then you will not be entered in the draw.  If there are still tickets available, then we will have a second draw from the remaining members that requested that match.
  • If successful, each ticket holder must adhere to the strict requirements below:
    • Have current official LFC membership – not international.  Either full or light membership
    • Live in the immediate geography of Raleigh, NC.  The club has become extremely strict on this requirement and this may result in your ticket not being allowed access to Anfield.  If you would like a friend or family member to attend that does not live in the Raleigh area, please contact the OLSC Raleigh team for assistance.
    • Be a paid member of OLSC Raleigh
  • While there is no financial commitment at the time of allocation, you will be required to provide payment to OLSC Raleigh around six weeks prior to the match.  If you are successful in obtaining tickets, OLSC Raleigh will be in contact with you to ensure that you meet all of the requirements to get tickets.
  • Ticket allocation requests for the first half of the season typically come quickly, within a few weeks after the fixture list has been announced.  For the second half of the season (matches that occur in CY 2020), the same process will occur sometime around October.
  • After the two different ticket windows open and close, we can no longer get tickets for matches throughout the season.  You may still obtain tickets on your own, and OLSC Raleigh will help you with the best methods to do so.
  • We will NOT be able to get tickets for any League Cup, FA Cup, or Champions League matches.



Due to accounting regulations imposed by the club, we can only offer payment via PayPal.  For your convenience we will maintain a credit card reader at the pub so that you can pay during matches.  You will receive an email receipt for your records.

PAYPAL – Please send your payment to dfranklin@lfcraleigh.com and this will ensure that your payment is received into our checking account.  When paying by PayPal, please be sure to send it as a “gift” and not for goods/services as that will force us to incur a small service charge and not get the full payment.  Or you can simply enter the proper information below and click on the “PayNow” button for most efficient service.

Also note that you will not get a separate confirmation email from the club after payment has been received.  It is incumbent on all new and existing members to sign up for the various methods which we disseminate club news and information:

  • Ask to join our Facebook group “LFC Raleigh”
  • Follow us on Twitter, @LFCRaleigh
  • Fill out the form below on this page and get added to our email distribution list
  • Come to the pub on match day and introduce yourself
OLSC Raleigh Holiday Party Raffle
Other Amount:
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Interested in getting periodic updates via email?  Subscribe by filling out the below information and you will be added to our distribution list.  If you are also a member of LFC and would like to be assigned to OLSC Raleigh Supporter’s Club, please include your membership number so that we can add you to our roster.  If you have paid your annual dues, please check the box as well.


Got more questions?  Contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.