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LFC Raleigh

Official Liverpool F.C. Supporter's Club

By Laws

Liverpool FC Supporters Club of Raleigh, NC


1. MISSION – The Liverpool FC Supporters Club of Raleigh, NC strives to provide all fans of Liverpool Football Club living in the Raleigh-Durham area with a safe, friendly and fun way to interact and support the greatest football club in the world. We are fully committed to establish passionate support, friendly interaction, and great camaraderie amongst all fans of the beautiful game.

2. ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITTEE – The Organizational Committee (OC) for the Liverpool FC Supporters Club of Raleigh (to be referred to in these by-laws herein as LFC Raleigh) shall be the leadership responsible for enforcing these by-laws. They shall operate under the following parameters:

  • Shall consist of a minimum of three (3) individuals to be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) annually.
  • Shall consist of committee-elected positions to serve on the OC as support functions to facilitate the mission of LFC Raleigh.
  • All committee members may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.
  • All persons serving on the OC will have a say in voting matters, but individuals may only cast one vote regardless of how many roles they are serving.
  • Shall meet at least once every three months, with meeting minutes and treasurer’s report to be reviewed, approved, and made available to all members.

The following roles shall make up the Organizational Committee (OC):
a. Chairperson – to be elected each year at the AGM

  • Ensures that all active members act according to these by-laws and in accordance with reasonable standards expected of all supporters
  • Stimulates activities within the organization to support the mission of LFC Raleigh
  • Has final tie-breaking vote of the Organizational Committee on any issues that require a committee vote

b. Secretary – to be elected each year at the AGM

  • Organizes and schedules committee meetings
  • Writes meeting agendas and records meeting minutes
  • Maintains membership records
  • Keeps all written records and files for LFC Raleigh

c. Treasurer – to be elected each year at the AGM

  • Maintains all checking account documentation, including checkbooks
  • Maintains all expenditure records
  • Issues receipts to all paying members
  • Provides the current balance sheet to the secretary at least two weeks prior to the AGM

d. Pub Liaison – to be named by the Chairperson

  • Maintains contact with the ownership of whatever pub has agreed to host official functions of LFC Raleigh, including matches and the AGM

e. Webmaster – to be named by the Chairperson

  • Updates and maintains all content on lfcraleigh.com

f. Social Media Coordinator – to be named by the Chairperson

  • Responsible for maintaining all social media content and keeping it current, including Facebook and Twitter.

g. Event Coordinator – to be named by the Chairperson

  • Schedules all official LFC Raleigh events
  • Work closely with Pub Liaison to ensure proper venue for events is secured
  • Coordinates any philanthropic efforts undertaken by LFC Raleigh

h. Additional Roles – to be named by the Chairperson and defined by the Organizational Committee. Any additional roles that result in increasing the number of persons serving on the OC shall require a vote of 2/3 majority by the paid membership at the AGM.

i. Changes – In the event that an elected member of the OC needs to resign or be removed for any reason, the Chairperson shall name their successor until the permanent replacement can be voted on at the next AGM.  If the Chairperson needs to be replaced, then the current Secretary shall fill that void and name an interim Secretary.

3. MEMBERSHIP – In order to become an official member of LFC Raleigh, you must complete the following requirements:

  1. Be in good standing financially with the group. Our current annual fee will start at $10 per year. Any increase on annual fees shall require majority vote of paid members at the AGM. All dues for the following year shall be paid in advance of the AGM in order to have a say in voting matters.
  2. Be a decent upstanding supporter upholding the values and good name of Liverpool Football Club. Members of LFC Raleigh shall treat all supporters of all clubs with respect and courtesy while attending official events or wearing the LFC colors.
  3. Be a decent citizen within the community, obeying local laws and regulations.
  4. Any member failing to abide to the above listed rules may be subjected to expulsion from LFC Raleigh with a majority vote of the OC.

4. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – The OC shall organize and schedule the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in December or January every year. The OC shall make public notice of the AGM at least one month in advance and make every effort to schedule this meeting to be held at least an hour prior to kickoff of an LFC match. An agenda shall be created and posted to the membership via normal communications (i.e. website, social media) to include any issues that may require membership vote. Any members in good standing with LFC Raleigh that are not able to attend the AGM may submit an “absentee ballot” to the OC, or they may submit in writing a request to proxy their vote to another member that will be attending.

5. AMENDMENTS – Any changes to these by-laws shall be proposed and voted on at the AGM and shall require at least a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.